2017 " Everyone is dead” enokojima centre for creative arts osaka

2002 ''Serpent killing",Gallery Yamaguchi,Tokyo

2001 ''The kimono of the dead",Gallery Yamaguchi,Tokyo

2000 "Scaly garden" City Gallery,Osaka

200o "Sugoroku referee" Gallery Yamaguchi,Tokyo

1999 "Spider's house" City Gallery,Osaka

1999 "Spider's house" City Gallery,Osaka

1998 "Study for moving around" City Gallery,Osaka

1998  "Study for moving around" City Gallery,Osaka

1998 "Mythical time" 50 sheets ABC Gallery,Osaka

1997 "Serpent God's Garden" Sinanobashi Gallery,Osaka

1997 "Hiruko's aesthetics" Osaka Prefectural Contemporary Art Center,Osaka

1996 "A bad hobby" City Gallery,Osaka

1996 "Contemporary art of the emperor's country" Sinanobashi Gallery,Osaka

1995 "The underworld pilgrimage" Ban Gallery,Osaka

1994 "Adventure of festival space" Sinanobashi5,Osaka

1993 "Art as a magic" Gallery Iteza,kyoto

1993 "My Origin" Ban Gallery,Osaka

1992 "Dedicating to Toba priest" Gallery Iteza,kyoto

1991 "Process poetics" Ban Gallery,Osaka

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